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Don’t Pay an Electrician Thousands:

These Solar Lights are More Convenient, Don’t Require Maintenance, and are Dead-Easy to Install…

Installing outdoor lights can be so difficult and frustrating that most Americans just give up.

But if you read this page all the way until the end, you’ll discover the super-simple way to transform your home… without spending thousands or having to get a degree as an electrical engineer.

Millions of Americans choose to live with a dark and boring yard because they’re so overwhelmed that they’re afraid to make the wrong choice when it comes to lighting.

Others try every some lights from the store… and they end up with ugly wires running through their yard…

… raised electricity bills from them needing power all night …

… or ones that just simply don’t make their home look good..


Most Americans believe they need wired lights to get the brightness they want for their yard. But that’s not true.

Solar lights can give your home the brightness it needs to look jaw-dropping every night.

Just like Sharon V., who says, “I have these and they put out a lot of light. If you lose power, bring several in and light up the house. Works great.”.

Or like Helen S., who wrote, “Uber bright and long lasting. They don’t stick up and ask to get smashed!”.

Why Solar Lights can

Make Your Home Look Gorgeous Every Night

What are your options when it comes to lighting up those dark spots around your home?

From what we’ve seen, you have 3 options:


You pay an electrician thousands of dollars to come over and install some ugly wiring around the house.
You’re confident that he’ll do a good job… he has to, right? If he’s charging that much money he must be good.

The thing is, he’s charging a bunch of money for some simple fixtures and wires… ones that’ll make your front yard look like boring and similar to all the other homes.

But you can’t always do it yourself, or you run the risk of botching the job and wasting even more money getting someone to try and fix the mess you made.


You can get some wired lights from your local hardware store.
These are one of the best options for homeowners that don’t have the budget to hire an electrician, yet they still want to see their home look good at night.

But, which lights do you choose? Do you go for the super bright ones? Motion sensor lights

This is the first hurdle homeowners have to jump through. Then there’s the maintenance

One of the lights starts flickering… another one shuts down and doesn’t turn on… and you find that some rodents have been using the cables as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So what do you do? You go out and buy another set of lights. And the cycle repeats itself…


You get solar lights.
Now, solar lights have a reputation for being dim. And when you look at other solutions in the market, you can see why.

But it’s not because of the technology, after all… Solar panels power plenty of electronics across the globe without issue..

So the problem isn’t the solar lights per se… is how you use the solar panel and how it integrates with the lights.

And that’s where LED Outdoor Garden Solar shines above the rest...
Just pick the spots around your home you want to light up. Then grab your Bright Right light, flip the switch at the bottom, and place it on that spot. If you want, you can use the stake to keep it in place. During the day, the solar panel will start charging the batteries… so at night…

Your home gets lit up and beautified… making it look like the end result of one of those home makeover TV shows


Color: white/Warm White/Warm
Solar panel: 2 V
Battery: 600 MAH NI-MH batteries
Waterproof level: IP65
Charging time: 6-8 hours
Working time: 8-10 hours
Solar panel diameter: 4.7 in
Item size: 4.7 * 5 in
Package size: 5*5*5 in
Material: Stainless steel & ABS


1.Ensure that all lights are switched to ON position before installing. Please ensure the lamps are switched on before take them out to gather solar energy.
2.Install the light in a solar illuminated area to ensure a full battery charging during daylight.
3. If the light does not work at the first time you use, please turn on the light and then put it under the sun for 6-10 hours.
4. The more sunlight solar pathway lights gets during the daytime, the longer and brighter the solar powered led lights will shine at night.



Make Your Home Look Years Newer: In just a few minutes you can upgrade your home to look years newer.. Filling your yard with ultra-modern LED light highlights your home's features.

Stop Tripping on Dark Pathways: No more tripping, falling and getting injured. LED lights will guide the way and keep your family and guest safe.

Weather-Proof: You don't have to run outside and grab Bright Right™ when it starts to rain.. They are engineered to withstand the elements including rain & hail!

Solar Powered: During the day harnesses the suns energy using its super-efficient solar panel. Then when night comes it automatically turns on using dusk-to-dawn technology.

Super Easy to Install: No complicated wiring or annoying battery replacements. Just set down or attach the stake to stick it into the dirt or grass. Then enjoy fascinating LED light at night.

Trusted by Thousands of Homeowners: A dark yard can really drag down the look and feel of your home. That's why thousands of homeowners across the country are raving about Bright Right™ upgrading their home.

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